EPIM Call for Proposals on advising long-term EU funding on migrant inclusion and community cohesion

EPIM Call for Proposals on advising long-term EU funding on migrant inclusion and community cohesion

Over the years, civil society organisations across Europe have played a critical role in enhancing migrant inclusion and community cohesion. Little inspiration has been drawn so far from many (new) initiatives for the design of EU and national policies and funding on migrant inclusion. The current policy context offers several opportunities for engagement on this topic at the EU as well as national levels (i.e. AMIF mid-term review, negotiations of the post-2020 EU Multiannual Financial Framework) and more are expected to open over the coming years.

Civil society’s experience with successful and promising inclusion policy and practices across Europe, as well as their experience with EU funding, can support these processes with valuable input for more efficient and impactful EU funding. With this call for proposals, EPIM will support (a) Pan-European civil society partnership(s) to:

  • become a critical actor that advises the long-term financial programming, governance and practical implementation of EU funding for migrant integration and community cohesion as well as its translation at the national level, in particular in the context of the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations;
  • engage with EU and national decision-makers in evidence-based and solutions-oriented discussions (i.e. by referring to existing good practices);
  • ensure that funding priorities and their translation into practice are coherent, coordinated, needs-based, migrant-focused and socially impactful and shift from top-down to whole-of-community approaches to migrant inclusion that foster community cohesion.

Projects can run for a timeframe of up to 24 months starting in May 2018. Projects can be proposed for a grant of up to 200,000 EUR to be awarded under this call for proposals.

Project proposals can be submitted online at  https://applications.nef-europe.org/ until 16 March 2018. You will find more information on how to apply in the following documents:

  • EPIM Call for proposals (PDF)
  • DOC 1: Guidelines for the submission of a project proposal (PDF)
  • DOC 2: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Please refer any questions you might have to EPIM Programme Manager, Sophie Ngo-Diep, at sophie.ngo-diep@epim.info.