Job Advertisement: EPIM Programme Director

Job Advertisement: EPIM Programme Director

Job Title: EPIM Programme Director

Location: Brussels


*DISCLAIMER: Applications are now closed*


  1. About EPIM and the EPIM team

The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), a collaborative initiative of private foundations, is looking for a motivated Programme Director who is passionate about seeking to improve the lives of migrants and the societies they live in. EPIM is a collaborative initiative of foundations active in Europe. Created in 2005 as an activity of the Network of European Foundations (NEF), EPIM is a joint funding platform that provides the opportunity for foundations to collaborate at European level in a range of Thematic Funds in the area of migration and inclusion.

The EPIM Programme Director oversees strategic development, external representation and fundraising as well as leading the EPIM team.

The EPIM team aims to be a

  • Trusted partner of foundations: The Secretariat knows foundations well and has the confidence of partner foundations for the design and implementation of the EPIM programme;
  • Ear to grantees and the migration field: The Secretariat is a genuine ear to the field on all topics covered by EPIM and monitors & closely follows grantees’ projects and organisational developments;
  • Self-motivated and collaborative team: The Secretariat’s team members trust each other, ensure smooth and transparent team communications, and have a joint understanding of the organisational structure that enables efficient collaboration to achieve the team’s mission.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Managing EPIM’s internal and external stakeholders and guiding outreach activities, including external representation of EPIM;
  • Leading and advising organisational and fundraising strategy development;
  • Leading the EPIM team and supporting the development of the team members;
  • Providing full accountability for the EPIM budget, expenditure and grants portfolio;
  • Supporting grant-making and managing and monitoring grantee projects;
  • Supporting civil society organisations in the migration sector through capacity development, network building and knowledge gathering.

We offer: 

  • A permanent contract, full-time (37.5 hours per week);
  • A gross salary of approximately Euro 5,100 to 6,400 per month, depending of level of experience, accompanied by a benefits package;
  • An inclusive culture valuing diversity, within a competent, self-motivated, self-managed and sympathetic team;
  • A possibility to work from home one day per week.

We expect:

  • Regular travel in Europe,
  • The position to be based in Brussels, within NEF’s offices at Philanthropy House.
  • Desired start date: June 2021 earliest and August 2021 latest.


  1. About the position

The EPIM Programme Director should be able to take on and/or contribute to the following roles:

  • Stakeholder management and outreach
    • First point of contact to the EPIM Executive Committee and Steering Committee
    • Coordination of EPIM Executive Committee and Steering Committee meetings
    • Mediator of EPIM’s internal and external relationships
    • Perform public-facing tasks, including representing EPIM at public events
    • Guide outreach to EPIM’s stakeholders internally and externally
    • Reputation manager
    • Lead and facilitate EPIM meetings
    • (Pro-)active network building on behalf of EPIM
  • Strategy development
    • Support the development of EPIM’s programme-level strategies
    • Ensure consistency of funding strategies across EPIM
  • Lead and support the EPIM team
    • Support team members in their work and professional development
    • Evaluate individual team members’ progress
    • Evaluate team progress
    • Coordinate Human Resource needs and responsibilities with NEF leadership
    • Facilitate and monitor staff well-being at work in line with NEF/EPIM guidelines
  • Finance
    • Develop and support funder outreach strategies and active fundraising for EPIM
    • Supervise incoming grants and advise their allocation in collaboration with the NEF back office
    • Provide full accountability for the EPIM budget, expenditure and grants
  • Grant-making, -support and -monitoring
    • Preparation and implementation of calls for proposals making (incl. vetting of project proposals)
    • Monitoring of projects and contribution of learning to evaluation
    • Support of capacity development for grantees
    • Support funding strategy development and long-term planning
    • Lead on EPIM’s Opportunity Funds grant-making mechanism.


  1. About the candidate ideal profile


  • Leadership and team-working skills, including ability to manage, motivate and support others and willingness to ‘pitch in’ at all levels of work;
  • Excellent network on migration and integration issues in Europe and strong knowledge of the EU migration (and/or intersecting human and social rights) policy landscape, including relevant actors;
  • Several years of international professional experience in the field of migration, e.g. in a civil society organization, think tank and/or private philanthropic foundation in Europe;
  • Strategy development and strategic thinking capabilities;
  • Strong project management skills, including devising and managing programme budgets;
  • Experience in the coordination of transnational multi-stakeholder collaboratives;
  • Experience of developing and managing a grants programme and carrying out due diligence and project assessment;
  • Generosity, sensitivity and humility to work with people with different perspectives;
  • Engaging and inclusive presentation and facilitation skills; excellent English and strong analytical and writing skills;
  • Willingness to travel.


  • Fundraising experience;
  • Experience in strategic communications on human rights and/or migration issues;
  • Added network and experience in EU advocacy on migration.


  1. About the application process

Candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to interviews on 19 or 20 April 2021. Candidates unable to interview on these dates should state this in their cover letters. All candidates not shortlisted will be informed by email.

A second interview with the final candidate(s) is scheduled on 27 April 2021.

NEF is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. It aims to build an inclusive workforce and actively seeks applications from those who are marginalised and underrepresented. NEF is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to applicants and colleagues with disabilities.