(Joint) Learning Initiatives

(Joint) Learning Initiatives

EPIM embeds its grant-making in a comprehensive support system for key actors in the field of migration and integration. The aim is to strengthen the impact and sustainability of organisations and the sector as a whole in building inclusive communities and in developing humane and sustainable responses to migration.

In this framework, (Joint) Learning Initiatives ((J)LIs) are small grants available for civil society organisations (CSOs) interested in increasing their reach, impact, and sustainability by:

  • DEVELOPING THEIR CAPACITIES: enhancing their organisational structure, skills, and tools to strengthen or scale up their activities and impact in the long-term; and/or
  • CONNECTING WITH ACTORS: sharing learnings and information or join forces to achieve shared goals with relevant stakeholders; and/or
  • ENHANCING THEIR KNOWLEDGE BASE: expanding their content expertise and gathering new evidence to inform and advance their work and sustainability.

For the purposes outlined above, (J)LIs are available for CSOs to address their specific needs and to take advantage of opportunities that may arise in the course of their development. If you are interested in applying for a (J)LI, please get in touch with the EPIM team to receive further information.

(Joint) Learning Initiatives are currently only available to organisations which already receive EPIM funding (i.e. direct grant recipients and project partners). This is a temporary measure taken as EPIM is currently reviewing its strategy for support to civil society organisations and because of the increased needs among grantee organisations due to Covid-19.