Past EPIM-funded Projects

Previous to EPIM’s Thematic Fund approach, grants were made available in three open calls with different focus areas for projects lasting up to three years. Additionally, small grants awarded on a flexible basis have been available between 2013-2014. All calls for proposals, their focus areas and the projects which received funding are listed below:

2013-2014 Flexible funds projects

In the timeframe of July 2013 to June 2014, EPIM offered the Flexible Funds Facility. It was available to current and former grantee organisations to apply for small amounts of funding in order to be able to respond to emerging and unexpected opportunities and challenges that fall within EPIM’s programme objectives. Four small grants were awarded.

2012-2015 EPIM III projects

EPIM 2012-2015 was the third phase of the European Programme for Integration and Migration, whereby 10 grants amounting to 2,200,000 EUR were awarded to Pan-European NGO-led projects which fell into the following focus areas:

Focus area (1) – Asylum seekers

  • Ensure that European Asylum Policy improves standards and ensures due process and fair determination procedures for all those seeking protection.
  • Ensure that immigrant detention is used only as a tool of last resort.

Focus area (2) – Undocumented Migrants

  • Protect those undocumented migrants who are at risk of destitution and exploitation, including through access to justice and essential services that guarantee human dignity.

Focus area (3) – Equality, integration and social Inclusion of vulnerable migrants

  • Promote the social inclusion of those migrants at greatest risk of marginalisation.
  • Promote their economic empowerment, civic participation and social responsibility – both through targeted programmes and through their inclusion in mainstream social policies.

The following projects have been supported:

2008-2011 EPIM II projects

In this phase, two rounds for proposals were organised – the first in 2008 and the second in 2010 – enabling 12 long term projects (up to 3 years) and 8 short term projects (up to 18 months) to be supported. EPIM aimed at strengthening European networks in their work, and at furthering partnership between its stakeholders. In total, the two calls for proposals gathered 20 projects led by 18 EPIM grantees in the following focus areas:

  • Undocumented migrants
  • Migrants’ voices
  • Media
Association Primo Levi ENAR COSPE
Greek Council for Refugees European Women’s Lobby ECRE
Jesuit Refugee Service Europe European Youth Forum Migrants Resource Centre
Medecins du Monde Immigrant Council of Ireland People in Need
Migreurop Institute of Race Relations
Stichting Nidos Migration Policy Group

2005-2007 EPIM I projects

As part of the first phase, 5 consultations were held in different European countries during 2006 and early 2007. The first EPIM consultations were held in Portugal and Belgium. Other consultations took place in the UK, Ireland, and in Germany for a joint Franco-German consultation. In parallel the grants scheme was launched in March 2006. An independent Jury of experts reviewed the applications and selected 11 grantees: 6 at the European-level and 5 at the national level:

European-level NGOs National level NGOs
December 18 Jesuit Refugee Service – Portugal
European Council for Refugees and Exiles Young European Film Forum for Cultural Diversity
European Network Against Racism Solidariedad Imigrante
European Women’s Lobby International and European Forum for Migration Research
Jesuit Refugee Service – Europe Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants