• 01 Jun 2020 - 31 Dec 2022
  • Status: Past
  • EU
  • Children and Youth on the Move
  • The Young Republic

With this project, The Young Republic and Voices of Young Refugees in Europe aim to ensure the direct and meaningful participation of refugee, migrant, asylum seeker and undocumented youth advocates in European policy making processes that concern them.

In order to ensure this, the project will conduct an EU-wide consultation with young people and their self-led organisations around key policy areas that directly affect them, translating the consultation results into policy recommendations and train migrant youth advocates to conduct advocacy at EU level. A European conference will also be organised for youth advocates to disseminate the results of the consultation, and to create collaborations for advocacy work.

“There is an essential need to bring refugee, migrant, asylum seeker and undocumented youth NGOs and groups together to produce legitimate, relevant and comprehensive policy recommendations on the European level, and to empower more young advocates to carry these recommendations further and diversify the advocates with migratory experiences.”