EPIM seeks to identify civil society organisations working on migration with a Pan-European membership and/or a mandate with Pan-European relevance who are interested in support to make strategic communications an integral part of their overall strategy and day-to-day work.

Across Europe, migration has developed into an issue that ranks among people’s top concerns. The fact that those with outspoken views on immigration dominate the public debate risks leaving politicians with a distorted image of public support or rejection of migration policies. Voices of people in support of, or with more nuanced views on migration have been underrepresented in public discourses despite representing the majority.

EPIM aims to support civil society organisations in raising their communications profile in order to contribute to more nuanced political and public discourses as well as policy-making on migration. This call for expressions of interest is issued to help EPIM identify a number of committed organisations to be invited to develop a communications capacity development plan in a second step. Finally, a number of the submitted development plans will be awarded with a grant for implementation with potential for annual renewal over a timeframe of up to three years.

The deadline for submitting an expression of interest at https://applications.nef-europe.org/ is 26 March 2018.

Please consult the following documents if you consider a submission:

EPIM Call for expression of interest (PDF)
DOC 1: Guidelines for the submission of an expression of interest (PDF)