EPIM Call for Research Proposals on the reception and inclusion of children and youth on the move in Europe

The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) provides the platform for a sub-fund that supports civil society organisations and public-private partnership projects seeking to address policy and practice issues arising from increasing arrivals of children and youth in Europe, and the struggle for communities to provide adequate protection as well as long-term perspectives for their life in Europe. EPIM currently funds projects in four EU member states (Belgium, Germany, Greece and Italy) that explore new or alternative models of services/care with community-based, child-centred, and individualised approaches.

Different options of service/care models, including institutionalised, family-based or community-based models of care, have emerged over time and been tested in different contexts. However, insights into the long-term effects of these different models have been lagging behind. EPIM seeks to understand and contribute to the knowledge base about the long-term impact, including the social and economic costs, of different service/care models (both traditional and alternative models) on the lives of children and youth, accompanied, separated or unaccompanied, who migrated and are aiming to establish a life in Europe.

As a first step to explore this area of concern, EPIM looks to commission a mapping of existing models and the nature and level of their funding across the Member States of the European Union. As a follow-up, this work should lead to a more in-depth analysis on the impact of selected interventions in a number of countries.

This call is open for everyone to apply. Projects with collaborators, including with civil society organisations, are encouraged. Cross-border partnerships of project implementers are strongly encouraged.

Interested applicants should submit a 4-5 page proposal together with attachments by 18 October 2017 to Fanny Georges (fanny.georges@epim.info).

You can find more information on how to apply in the call for research proposals.

Please refer to Fanny Georges at fanny.georges@epim.info with any questions you might have.