New call for proposals in Italy: Never Alone, Towards life autonomy for children and youth on the move who arrive in Italy alone

The Italian Foundations Fondazione Cariplo, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CON IL SUD, Enel Cuore, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena and Fondazione Peppino Vismara have published the 2018 call for proposals “NEVER ALONE: Towards life autonomy for foreign children and young people who arrive in Italy alone”. This fund in Italy is part of the EPIM Sub-Fund on long-term prospects and protection of children and youth on the move in Europe. The deadline for applications is 7 September 2018.

More information on the details of the call for proposals can be found on the website of the Never Alone Fund (in Italian and in English) and in short below:

This call for proposals focuses on the promotion of multidimensional actions for the support of work and life autonomy of both boys and girls aged 15 and 21 years who have arrived in Italy alone. The call for proposals is meant to support a limited number of projects in Italy that support young people in the delicate phase of transition between childhood and adulthood.

The projects are expected to cover the following areas of interest:

  • coaching services to job placement;
  • coaching services to social and relational inclusion.

Furthermore, these projects may include some complementary interventions to cover other areas than the two mentioned above, with a view to facilitating:

  • housing autonomy;
  • linguistic and cultural inclusion.

The call for proposals is open to public-private partnerships consisting of at least three non-profit entities with a proven track record in terms of reception and inclusion of children on the move and/or migrants/asylum-seekers.