EPIM's Pathway to Change

EPIM's Pathway to Change

In October 2023, EPIM’s Steering Committee met in Brussels to approve its new Theory of Change, updated Approach and Priorities and a new Governance Model for the Fund.

This brought to an end the Process of Change – a fruitful year and half-long strategic review of EPIM’s achievements so far and where it is headed to next.

EPIM’s Pathway to Change

EPIM sees change as  complex and interconnected and never linear, and we believe that to truly change migration in Europe for better, we need to sustain it by creating a shared sense of purpose amongst a diversity of actors and stakeholders.

When we transform the migration ecosystem by bringing together different actors, creating a shared big picture, building trust, reimagining funding and ensuring that migrants can lead, and shape the stories told about them, we will begin to see different relationships forming, conversations shifting, a shared big picture emerging and no longer will migration be seen in isolation from other socio-economic phenomena.

EPIM takes a systemic lens and long-term perspective and is grounded in the notion that ecosystems need to be catalysed, curated and nudged to create social change. Our pathway to change is also shaped by the concepts of complexity, intersectionality and sensemaking.