Joint Communications and Campaigning in Europe

Joint Communications and Campaigning in Europe
  • 01 Feb 2018 - 31 Jan 2019
  • Status: Past
  • EU
  • Communicating on Migration
  • Migration Policy Group (MPG)

Migration Policy Group (MPG) has put in place and is currently further expanding a communications coordination team operating Europe-wide and filling a gap in the EU migration sector for effective joint communication on key migration policy issues. This dynamic, multi-disciplinary and collaborative team built MPG’s own capacity as a strategic communications partner for other EU migration NGOs (European networks and organisations based in Member States). The team facilitates the exchange of information on communications opportunities, evidence strategies and communication tools and material to alliances built at European and national levels.

The 2018 pilot activities aim to lead to at least one successful joint campaign reaching EU citizens across the European Union as well as a few successful MPG and EPAM joint communications campaigns with specific short-term advocacy objectives at EU level. The lessons learned will be regularly shared with the EU migration sector throughout 2018 and lead to specific ideas for joint communications and campaigning in the future. For this purpose, MPG convenes a dedicated communications group in the EPAM network.