Minor L!nK

Minor L!nK
  • 01 Jan 2019 - 01 Jan 2020
  • Status: Past
  • Belgium
  • Children and Youth on the Move
  • Minor-Ndako

The civil society organisation Minor-Ndako supported unaccompanied and separated children and youth who have been identified as facing additional social, health and psychological vulnerabilities.

With the Minor L!nK project, Minor-Ndako developed a sustainable support model to engage, train and empower former beneficiaries of their work to act as mentors, cultural facilitators and positive role models for unaccompanied and separated children. This project was a pilot that structurally integrated former beneficiaries into the organisation in the long-term, by involving them meaningfully in key areas of Minor-Ndako’s work: in their support system, in internal and external training courses and in policy work.

A part of the project consisted in engaged the L!nk youngsters in storytelling workshops. This experience resulted in a movie in which they shared a part of their story, with pieces of advice for other youngsters or professionals.